New Testament Apocrypha

NEW: More Christian Apocrypha

A page dedicated to Christian Apocrypha typically not included in “New Testament Apocrypha” collections.

Internet Sites

Scholarly sites for any field are hard to find. Here is a selection of useful resources for research and for piquing the interest of students.

Video Resources

The New Testament Apocrypha rarely make appearances in television and film, and when they do, they are typically misrepresented. Nevertheless, even a bad video clip or documentary can lead to useful classroom discussions.

An Annotated Bibliography for the New Testament Apocrypha

This bibliography is an on-going project to make accessible the print scholarship on the study of the New Testament Apocrypha. Additions and corrections are encouraged.

NEW: On-Line Books Related to the Study of the Christian Apocrypha

On-Line Dissertations

Links to on-line doctoral dissertations on the New Testament Apocrypha.

Tabloid Apocrypha

“Found! Christ’s Lost Scrolls.” “NASA Decodes Lost Gospels.” See how discoveries of real and not-so-real apocryphal texts are reported in the tabloid media in these selections from the Sun. What’s next—“Lost Gospel Reveals Jesus Spent a Night with Half-Naked Boy”? Oh, wait, that one’s true (or is it?).