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Christian Apocrypha Sessions SBL 2008

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The program for this year’s Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature is now available on-line. Here are the sessions and papers related to the Christian Apocrypha:

Christian Apocrypha
11/23/2008 ~ 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Theme: The Latest Publications in Christian Apocrypha: Gospel of Mary and Gospel Fragments

Karen King, Harvard University, Presiding (5 min)
Andrew Gregory, Oxford University
The Oxford Early Christian Gospel Texts (15 min)
Critical Review of Christopher Tuckett, The Gospel of Mary (Oxford University Press)
Esther A. de Boer, Protestant Theological University Kampen, Panelist (20 min)
Ann Graham Brock, Iliff School of Theology, Panelist (20 min)
Christopher Tuckett, University of Oxford, Respondent (15 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Critical Review of Thomas J. Kraus, Michael J. Kruger, and Tobias Nicklas, Gospel Fragments (Oxford University Press)
Paul Foster, University of Edinburgh, Panelist (20 min)
Pierluigi Piovanelli, University of Ottawa, Panelist (20 min)
Tobias Nicklas, University of Regensburg, Respondent (15 min)
Discussion (10 min)

Christian Apocrypha
11/24/2008 ~ 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Theme: New Perspectives on Lesser Known Traditions: Syriac, Egyptian, and Arabic

Robert Doran, Amherst College
Structuring the Fragments of the Gospel of the Egyptians (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Tony Burke, York University
The Infancy Gospel of Thomas in the Jacobite Syriac Tradition (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Brent C. Landau, Harvard University
The Christian Production of “Pagan” Pseudepigrapha (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Cornelia Horn, Saint Louis University
Neglected Figures in Neglected Apocrypha: Christian Arabic and Syriac Traditions (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Business Meeting (30 min)

Synoptic Gospels
11/24/2008 ~ 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Theme: Secret Mark after Fifty Years
Mark Goodacre, Duke University, Presiding
Birger A. Pearson, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Secret Gospel of Mark: A Twentieth-Century Fake (20 min)
Stephen C. Carlson, Duke University
Can the Academy Protect Itself from One of Its Own? The Case of Secret Mark (20 min)
Allan J. Pantuck, UCLA
Can Morton Smith's Archival Writings and Correspondence Shine Any Light on the Authenticity of Secret Mark? (20 min)
Scott G. Brown, University of Toronto
Fifty Years of Befuddlement: Ten Enduring Misconceptions about the “Secret” Gospel of Mark (20 min)
Charles Hedrick, Missouri State University, Respondent (20 min)
Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Respondent (20 min)
Discussion (30 min)

And there are a few notable papers in the Early Christian Families sessions:

11/23/2008 ~ 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Stephen J. Shoemaker, University of Oregon Family Secrets: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Early Christian Apocrypha

11/24/2008 ~ 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Mariko Yakiyama, Tokyo Union Theological Seminary
Influences of Egyptian Marriage Practice on the Apocryphal Acts of Apostles>

Christian Apocrypha Session SBL 2008

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

The deadline is fast approaching for proposals for the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The meeting takes place in Boston, November 21-25. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal to the Christian Apocrypha Section (really, the only section that truly matters) can find details at THIS LINK. Proposals must be in by March 1. I will be there once again this year, this time presenting on my ongoing work on the Syriac Jacobite tradition of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.